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Lead Instructor Ronnie Nicholson:

Judo Career:

According to Nicholson, “I would be remiss in my loyalty if I did not begin by paying homage to my coach, Marty “Nails” Martin. Martin was a native Louisianan, who arrived in California after severing in the Pacific theater during WWII. During his WWII tour he was exposed to Judo by Japanizes prisoners of war. In California he began playing judo under the great Two Time National Judo Grand Champion Gene LeBell. After returning to Louisiana he opened the first judo club in New Orleans. It is here that Nicholson started Judo in 1958. Martin exposed all his judoka to constant competition through extensive travel & brought in the some of best instructors the US had available. Nicholson also studied under Ryozo Nakamura (6th Dan), an instructor of the great Anton Geesink in Japan who became both the World & 1964 Olympic Heavy Weight Champion. He also studied under Nori Bunasawa (8th Dan), All Japan Weight Limit champion, 1969 Japanese World Team (Alternate), and 1995 US World Team Coach. Bunasawa is also the author of “The Toughest Man Who Ever Lived”. A must read for any true Martial Art connoisseur!

Nicholson is currently recognized by the Olympic Committee’s USA Judo as a “National Level Judo coach”.

Nicholson below on the right Circa 1961:


Elite Competition Record:


1977 World Judo Championship Pre-Trials for Barcelona, Spain

(Nicholson on right facing)


  • 1974 National Colligate Championship Silver Medalist
  • 1975 National Colligate Championship Bronze Medalist
  • 1975 Canadian National Exhibition Bronze Medalist
  • 1976 National Colligate Championship Silver Medalist
  • 1976 Canadian National Exhibition Silver Medalist
  • 1977 National Judo Championship Silver Medalist 154 lb. Division
  • 1977 World Judo Championships Pre-Trials for Barcelona, Spain
  • 1977 (Circa) International YMCA Judo Championships In Mexico City Olympic Village Gold Medial
  • 1979 National Judo Championship Bronze Medalist 176 lb. division
  • 1980 Pan American Judo championship Trials Bronze Medalist

Major Competition - Record:


  • 1966 YMCA National Judo Championships Nicholson at 15 years old won both the Junior & Senior Men’s YMCA National Judo Championships in the same night
  • 1970 La. National Championship trials Goal Medalist & Grand Champion
  • 1970 North Eastern Shufu Judo Yudanshakai Championship 154 LBs Gold Medalist
  • 1972 All S. E. Judo Championship Goal Medalist & Grand Champion at 154 Lbs.

        v Grand Championships are no longer held but back then the Gold Medalist of each weight division would fight each other to determine the “Grand Champion” of the tournament!

  • 1973 All S. E. Judo Championship Goal Medalist 176 LBs
  • 1974 All S. E. Judo Championship Goal Medalist & Grand Champion at 154 Lbs.
  • 1994 National Masters Judo Championship Gold Medalist
  • 2007 US Open Masters Judo Championships Gold Medalist
  • 2007 Fall Classic Masters Championships Gold Medalist
  • 2011 US National Masters Judo Championships Bronze Medalist
  • 2013 US National Masters Judo Championships Gold Medalist
  • 2009, 10, 11 & 12 La State Judo Championships Gold Medalist

Accolades & Regional Competition Highlights:


  • 1967 Voted High School Outstanding Judo Player
  • 1969 GA. State Champion
  • 1969 GA. A.A.U Sportsmanship Award
  • 1974 Voted Outstanding Southern AAU Judo Athlete of the Year
  • 1975 Voted Outstanding Southern AAU Judo Athlete of the Year
  • 1979 Voted Outstanding Southern AAU Judo Athlete of the Year
  • Undefeated in LA State & Open Judo Championships (over 12 entries)
  • 6 Time LA State Judo “Grand Champion”
  • 7 Time undefeated as Mississippi State Judo champion
  • 3 Time Mississippi State “Grand Champion”
  • US National Judo Championship medalist in two different weight divisions.


Rank Promotions:

  • 1966 Batsugun Promotion to Shodan (Only awarded in completion):

At the 1966 YMCA National Judo Championships, Nicholson, at 15 years old, took Gold in both the junior & the 139 lb. Senior Men’s division in the same Night. The Batsugun was awarded after defeating 2 Nidans, 3 Shodans and 5 additional senior opponents. He also had 7 wins in the junior division

  • 1972 Batsugun Promotion to Nidan
  • 1983 Batsugun Promotion to Sandan 
  • Current USA Olympic Judo Promotion to Yodan


Assistant Instructor Tony Beauboief:

 Martial Arts career:

Tony also began his martial arts training in 1989 in Judo under Marty “Nails” Martin.  He holds the rank of Nikyu (2nd Degree brown Belt) in Judo. Tony also has many judo tournaments wins under his belt but above all he displays great dedication, hard work, an appreciation for judo in particular and the martial arts in general!

Tony also trains in Minami Ryu Jujitsu with Jack Garret. After training with Jack for over 17 years he now holds the Jujitsu rank of Shodan, and continues to train and teach in that style of Jujitsu. 


Lifetime Member of United States Ju-Jitsu Federation
Member USA Judo







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